Xoxo - "12 x 12 AS"

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Kit includes:

This set includes 2 12' x 12' sheets with coordinated tags, embellishments, labels, ribbons, etc. ready to print and use in all your crafts like greetings cards, scrabooking, etc.
- 1 12' x 12' Sheet is full of beautiful tags that you can be resized, rotated or flipped to fit your crafting needs.
- 1 12' x 12' sheet is full of ribbons, labels and a 6 x 6 paper that you can be resized, rotated or flipped to fit your crafting needs.
This is a great artisan/designer resource that will allow you to print over a over again this sheets and use them for your projects.

1 zip files containing 4 digital image files in JPEG and PNG formats (wich mean that the sheets comes in two different formats). Each image file is at 300dpi resolution. The PNG files are great for digital designers, with a transparent background that aalow to extract the image easily.


Buyers can use the resources by incorporating them into a design or product or their own which changes the original work in a notable transformative way, making it their own, new design. The buyer can not resell or give away the original files, as is, in any way, such that our work is competing itself in the graphics marketplace and thereby undermining the market value of the original product.  There are a million ways to use the design resources and create derivative products for commercial sale. But they cannot simply be repackaged with a new name and under a new design label. A more complete license is included in the zipfile. You can also read it here:

Conditions of use

If you have still questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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