These are real questions we receive frequently. Maybe you’ll find your question here. If you do not, don’t hesitate in contact us.

1) I placed order # xxxx and still have not received any files to download.
Once you placed your order, you will not have to wait anything to have the products purchased. All products are available for you to download automatically after checkout. Once you made the payment through Paypal you have to return to our store. Paypal Will redirect you to your account with all the download buttons. However, if you interrupt this process you can always download the products from your account. Log yourself, go to your account, click view on previous orders and you'll find all the downloads available. The download will be available during seven days with three chances to download each one.

2) My hard drive crashed and I lost all the Graphics. I did not keep a back up copy. Is there any way I can get another download of my orders?
Yes, I will reset your downloads as soon as posible. But I also strongly recommend that you always have a backup copy :o)

3) I can’t get the folder to open (winzip files). Can you please send me instructions on how to open as I have never received digi’s like this before? 
All the images are compressed in zip files. All images are inside of that file. In order to extract the content you need to use a program like winzip or winrar, or StuffIt for Mac. With that software installed in your computer, when you click the right button of your mouse will show the option extract here or extract... (in this second option you can choose the place where the will be located). It's very simple. I recommend you having this kind of program. It is the most commonly used online.

4) Hi my name is …… and I run …… Challenge Blog and would love for you to sponsor a challenge on my blog.
First of all, let me thank you for thinking in us as sponsors. Normally we like to be sponsors and let the people win our items. As long as our schedule is not full you can contact us and we’ll tell how we usually work with the different blog challenges. We have very logical and accessible terms, but we must agree to them. Do not forget to add the address of the blog you want us to be sponsors. It is possible that our calendar is somewhat tight, so it will be helpful if you can tell me what day start your challenges (Monday, Tuesday ... etc..) That way, I will be able to tell you which of those days we have available.

5) Does your digital stamps comes with black outlines so I can paint them by myself? 
Of course. Digital stamps with black outlines are the main item in our digital stamps kits. As you may read in the product description and in the promo images, ALL images comes also with black outlines ready to color yourself. We provide "as a bonus" the colored version :o) This is ideal when you want to make some cards quickly. And I also love to paint! So, everybody win! LOL In fact, our store stands out for being the first to offer, from the beginning, "digi packages", which always include, in addition to the black lines for coloring, pre colored version. The colored digis does not sold separately. All are available and included in the product. So you will receive more, but without extra charge!

6) Hi! I'm new to card making, just recently found out what Digital Stamps are. Can you help me understand - What is digital paper? Is it something I print on my own printer (after purchasing)? Is the quality good? Based on my printer? Just trying to learn...thank you! 
Digital papers are just what you said. They are images ready to print and use. The good thing of digital papers is when you purchase one pack of papers, you can print them over and over again all the times you need. They are also a great resource for digital designers. All my images, not only digital papers, all of them comes in high resolution at 300 dpi. This means that all my graphics are prepared to be printed in high quality. Of course when you print any digital image the quality of the printer and the paper is also important. Use some quality paper if you want great results like cardstock or matte photo papers. In my experience, the coice of a nice paper is the most important thing to have great prints (even more important that the printer. You can print the papers at the photo lab or at home. They will look gorgeous. 

7) Are you looking for some new Design Team members?
Thanks for your interest! We use to have DT calls every six months. Our dates are usually around January and July-August. When starting a DT Call, we make a lot of noise so that everyone can find out! ;o) Anyway, I recommend that you follow our Blog, or our Facebook page or check your account to see if you're subscribed to our newsletters.

8) Can you please help me with my password to my account? Thank You.
If you can't remember your account password, just click in the link "Forgot your password? under the login box in the Login section in order to receive your password bay email. If you just want to change your password, go to "My Account" and then click in "Change my account password" and modify it.

9) How do I use my gift certificate?
In order to use your certificate, once you have the desire products in your shopping cart, in the step 2 of the checkout process, you have to type the number into the box "Redemption Code"(Gift certificates) (only if it is not already redeemed) If you have already redeemed the code you don't need to do it again (otherwise you'll get the message "code not valid"). The amount will be added to your account. Then, to use Gift Certificate funds, type the amount you wish to apply in the box that says 'Apply Amount' (for example 20), then click the continue button to apply the funds to your shopping cart. If you don't use all the amount in your order, the rest of the credit will be in your account, so you can use it later.

10) I'm not sure if my gift certificate code worked. I selected all of the images and put them in the cart and then entered the gift certificate code as you indicated in an earlier email. However, then it sent me to PayPal with a $15 balance as if the gift certificate code did not work. 
I think the reason why you couldn't use the credit is because you didn't applied the amount. Your gift certificate is already redeemed, so you don't need to add the code again. In the step 2 of your checkout process you need to apply the amount that you want to use in the mentioned box. When you continue to the step 3, the amount will be applied :o)

11) What are digital images/stamps and what are the advantages us using them?
Digital images can be printed directly from your computer like any other document. They can be manipulated and printed, then colored and cut out by hand in the creation of custom card designs, scrapbooks and other papercraft projects. Using a word processor or photo editing program, you can resize the image to be whatever size you need. Once they have been printed out, digital stamps are used in much the same way as traditional stamps. This means that they can be colored and embellished. The finished images can be cut out and incorporated into handmade cards, gift tags, scrapbooks and a whole wide range of other papercraft projects. Digital images are stored on a computer, or can be archived onto a cd, making them easy to store. Digital stamps are instantly available for download. There is no waiting for stamps to be delivered. As digital stamps are downloaded, there is no cost for delivery. This can make a significant saving. Digital stamps can be purchased from anywhere in the world without fears about high delivery charges or having to wait a long time for delivery. And this one of my favorite advantages when using digital stamps, and here I speak particularly of the stamps sold in "The Paper Shelter", is that the lines are smooth, but simultaneously well defined, with an organic look, giving them a better finish to the drawing.

12) Can I sell cards I make with The Paper Shelter images?
Yes, The Paper Shelter is an angel company, meaning the purchaser is free to sell the tangible cards and crafts you make with our images on a small -scale, per-item basis. 

13) Can I re-sell the digi stamp, or sell a printout of the digi stamp image?
No. Digi stamps are for use by the purchaser only and are not transferable.

14) Is necessary to add a credit to your store if I use your images?
This is our policy for that issue: 
*Commercial Use - Credit Required: 
- You must give credit to http://www.thepapershelter.com/ with a clickable link anywhere in the product description wherever the design is displayed. 
- You must give credit to http://www.thepapershelter.com/ in your README file
- You must give credit to http://www.thepapershelter.com/ with a legible text (not have to be big, but legible) in your products Image.
*Personal use/Non-Profit: Up to you. Credit not required, but appreciated.

15) What is the Reward Point Program?
The Reward Points Program is a program that allows thepapershelter.com to reward you. Whenever you make a purchase, you earn Reward Points. And Once earned, those Points may be spent on products within our store.
How To Redeem : During the checkout process, on the same page that you select a payment method, there will be a box to select if you wish to use your points, as well as information on the total amount of points available. Continue the checkout procedure and at the confirmation page you'll notice that the value of the points redeemed will have been credited towards your order. Once you confirm your order, your Shopping Points account will be updated and the points used deducted from your balance. Reward points are basically same as cash. For example: if you have 10 points that is equal to $1.00. Please note that once you confirm your order any rewards points entered for redemption will be deleted from your account. 
Saving Rewards Points: Points can be saved and used as you choose. You can save all accumulated points to use on one future order or you can use some points now and some later.New points are added to customer accounts as orders are processed.

16) I'm needing to purchase a gift certificate from you for ....... However, I can not find where to purchase one. I see that you do redeem certificates so hopefully I can buy one for her. I've looked at your Gift Certificate FAQs and still cannot find out how to purchase one. Your help is greatly appreciated!
We often provide gift certicate to the winners of our challenge blog and to the winners of the challenges we sponsor. What you can do is make a payment through Paypal (contact me to get our Paypal Email) with the amount you want to give and then I will send the Gift Certificate to the email you send me. 

17) Are your images PC only? I did not see a choice for PC or Mac versions. Or do they work on both computers?
They work on both kind of system. Our images are provided in JPG and PNG format. All our products are delivered in a zipfile. For Mac users zipfiles can be extracted with programs like Stuffit.

18) I have a company where I sell digital stamps from different artists. we'd like to invite you to sell at our shop
Thanks for your interest. Please contact me directly to discuss the terms.

19) How do I prevent smearing color when I paint a digital stamp?
First of all and most important: The quality of the printer ink, the quality of the paper (try to use a paper of at least 80 lbs, typically used as light weight business cards, greeting cards, post cards, etc. ), and the materials you use to paint. Use solvent based markers such as Bic Mark-its, Sharpies, Prismacolor, babyoil, watercolor pencil or Copic markers. If you want to use water-base markers, watercolors or other wet media, as we mentioned before, you need to use a nice thick cardstock that can handle alcohol-based markers without smearing, running or bleeding. However if you still notice your ink smears or colors run, you can set your image before coloring by heat setting or embossing.To heat setting use your heat gun and hold it around 7 inches from the images. Do not hold it too close or you'll burn the paper. Wait until the image get cool and then start coloring. Use Copic or Prisma markers.To embossing grab a glue pen or embossing ink pen and place it on the image. To use an embossing ink pen to draw around the digital stamp image, carefully following the printed lines. Then, and before the glue dries, add some clear embossing powder. The finished result is waterproof making it ideal for painting. Embossing powders are normally sold in small tubs or jars of a single color powder. Finally, use a heat gun (or blow dryer) and dry the image. As soon as the image is cooling begin coloring as usual.
Cool tips from artisans:
- Spray with hairspray to set the ink and leave for a couple of hours
- Don’t be afraid to mix and match - many of my images are coloured with brush pens, distress ink, watercolor pencils and Promarkers. 
- Use the Marvy Memory Blender to go over the area to color, this “locks” in the area.
- Get some Microglaze. You can do all kinds of neat things with this stuff. Rub the Microglaze all over your image. 
Color your image however you like. Notice there are tons of tutorials, articles and even videos online that can help you to learn about working with digital stamps wich recommends great methods and very useful supplies.

20) Refund Policy.
Due to the digital nature of our products (immediate download) refunds are not given. If there is a problem with your download or image, I will gladly work with you to solve the problem. 

21) I don't have a Paypal account, may I still make a purchase? 
Yes. All purchases go through Paypal, but you are not required to have an account. Once you confirm your order, it will take you to the Paypal page. Look towards the bottom left of the page and look for the following:
"Don't have a Paypal account?" Use your credit card or bank account. Just click on the Continue button and you may securely check out using your credit card or e-check (bank account). Please note that if you pay using an e-check that they are held for 7-10 business days. Image(s) will not be available until the e-check has cleared.


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